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inspiring connection

tATAMI table

TATAMI TABLE is a Japanese inspired, Danish-designed coffee table that promotes connection through floor living. Since people working from home often lose personal interaction crucial for mental health, it is important that they still have a way to stay connected with others.

The Danish design allows people to incorporate the Japanese method of floor living while maintaining a western aesthetic. It also offers a way to seat multiple people comfortably in a small space.

The need for connection in a small space


1 in 5 Americans choose to work from home.


62% of people who work from home say they miss interacting with coworkers.


The average apartment size in the US is 941 square feet.

With working from home rising in popularity some new problems begin to appear. The connection that naturally forms between coworkers is no longer possible. Many people who work from home begin to feel trapped and miss interacting with others. Creating a way to get that connection back even if limited to a small space became my design direction.

getting inspired


I became inspired by Tatami rooms and the art of floor living. Tatami rooms get their name from the tan and brown tatami mats that line the floor. These rooms originally served as study rooms for the wealthy before gradually becoming more commonplace as reception and living quarters.

creating solutions

Maximizing seating was my focus when generating concepts. Being able to accomadate more people in a small space would mean more possibitlies for connection.


Initially, I was planning on having pull-out chairs for the coffee table, but after making a rough preliminary mockup I found it to be little better than sitting on the ground.

refining the form

coffee table group.jpg

Generating a number of models in SolidWorks allowed me to make subtle changes and view the design from all angles.

making it

Untitled 35.png

How it works

In just a few easy steps you and your guests will be sitting comfortably around the TATAMI TABLE.


Tatami Table

The TATAMI TABLE is a Japanese inspired, Danish designed coffee table that inspires connection through floor living.

Floor living

The floor can socially unite people, putting them on one level with each other: one simple humbling level.


 As we work from home, it is important to maintain social interactions. Connecting with others over a hot meal can often be an extremely healing and Hygge experience.