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The WRIST WATCH is a personal security camera that can be worn on the wrist. When the hands are raised to the defensive position it begins to record and can be used to alert the police of danger.


The design is inspired by the increasing crime rate in the urban environment. A person is mugged every minute, and only 25% of those perpetrators are ever caught due to the victims being unable to identify their attackers. 

The need for urban safety


Every 60 seconds someone is robbed


In only 25% of all robberies is the perpetrator ever caught


Women are twice as likely to be victims of violent crimes

High crime rates have always complicated the lives of those who live in an urban environment. What if there was a way to empower a user so they feel confident in their personal safety?


Motion Activated Camera
Encrypted Video Files
180° Camera
Durable Band
Facial Tracking
Emergency Call Button
Night Vision
Audio Recording
Wireless Charging

Stay safe, Record, Report

In this scenario, a woman is targeted while walking to her car. During the incident she was able to use her WRIST WATCH to film the attacker, giving the police enough evidence to make an arrest.

Creating wrist watch

shadowing an officer


Shadowing officer Anthony Martin gave real insights into what happens during a mugging. Officer Martin then mentioned the pros and cons of current safety devices, breaking them into three categories...

three areas where safety devices are used


Before an assult alarms are typically used. Alarms are only effective however if the people that hear them are willing to help.


During the assault device like pepper spray and tasers are used. but these can be used against you if you don't have the proper training. Statistics also say that you are more likely to be injured when you fight back.


After an attack cameras are used to give officers a clear image of the suspect. Unfortunately, cameras are only helpful if they are pointed in your direction during the crime and of good video quality.

creating solutions

Starting with a wide range of potential solutions, I found that a device that utilized a wearable camera would be the ideal solution.

testing forms

After 3D printing a number of cameras to explore aesthetics as well as experimenting with materials and clasps in the band, I was able to find the ideal combination for comfort and style.

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