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Jacob McMullen

Industrial Designer

What good design means to me.

The standard answer is that good design solves a problem, but I like to take it one step further. Good design needs to solve a problem in a way that is completely understood. For example, when a product leaves the designer's control and they are no longer around to defend it, it must speak for itself. The engineers must understand why each angle is crucial to its success, and the users must understand how its form speaks to its proper use. This subtle difference in wording can transform a good design into a great one. 

How I connect to Industrial design.

I connect to design through skateboarding. I know that sounds odd, but I feel growing up skating has given me an advantage. When most people see stairs they see how the stairs can get them to a destination. However, when I see stairs my minds begin to race with the hundreds of possibilities of how I can get up and down them. To a skater the stairs are not just a way to get to a destination, the stairs become the destination. I take this mindset with me with every design I work on.


Let's make your design the next destination!


Designer - Acorn/ Elemental8

Contractor - Coefficient Cycline

Instructor - SJSU Advanced Physical Prototyping

Intern - Supermodelli

Intern - Exo Design

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