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Working alongside interaction designer Celine Offrey, we were able to create TRALLY, a connection app that focuses on the needs of solo travelers.

Solo travel is the largest growing travel trend worldwide. Despite this, 60% of respondents say that the travel industry does not cater well to solo travelers. TRALLY solves this problem by combining the benefits of group travel with the freedom of solo travel.

the needs of solo travelers


Solo travelers make up 18% of all global bookings.


59% said they want to see more of the world and they're not willing to wait for others.


 54% of respondents like group travel at least some of the time.

During my recent travels, I noticed that it was easier to plan when I was able to reach out to people who had already made the trip. I thought about solo travelers and how might they get in touch with people to make there travels easier.


The interviews show that people who travel alone value their freedom, but are still interested in traveling in groups. We also learned that people would be willing to try traveling alone if they had a guide or someone to ask for help.


  • Travels alone because she has the freedom to do what she wants

  • Feels motivated to meet different people

  • Her longest trip was 2 months

  • Plans one month before on average

  • Feels it is difficult to do everything herself

  • Sometimes wishes she had someone to travel with

  • Feels language barriers are the most difficult part

Wire frame


creating account


select a location

Selecting a location reveals travel groups and locals registered with Trally.

When first opening the app it is important for users to create an account

Messaging other users allows you to remove the stresses of travel


Connect and plan


screen ideation


The Crazy 8 method allowed the quick generation of ideas exploring possible screen layouts.


meet trally

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Find the place you always wanted to visit.

Travel preferences

ensure that you get along with your travel companions

No one to go with? No problem.

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