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Designed on a team with Eva Pospiech, DODO is the modular toy that allows children from (3-5years) to build their own adventure.

Play is how children learn about the world around them. Through play, they can experiment and explore. DODO allows a child to play without restrictions by adapting to the needs of their creativity.

The story of dodo

It‘s a beautiful day, and Tim and dodo are thinking about what they want to do today.

toy types


Ride-on toys are important for developing a sense of balance, physical fitness, and coordination. 



Inter-locking toys are linked to children's development because engaging in construction play is evidence of their progress.

Combining these two toy types allows DODO to engage the mind and body while providing an imaginative experience.

combining types

The above sketches explore a number of mechanisms that will allow the customization and creation of multiple vehicles.

finding the right bolt


Ensuring that children could assemble it themselves it was important that the ergonomics of the bolt would make it easily gripped in a child's hands.

taking dodo to school

NestLingue indoors-Primary I. classroom

Before finalizing the form we took dodo to a local kindergarten where we could test ergonomics and get feedback from the children.

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