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Helping you grow in your home

This companion robot focuses on plant care. By incorporating plant life you can see your robot grow every day. You can feed him and watch him interact with the environment. These qualities promote a connection between you and the robot giving you the feel of a real pet.

Beyond plant care, SPROUT is a fully functional Smart Assistant. It can communicate with other Bluetooth devices, help you throughout your day, answer questions, ect...

The importance of companions


55 percent of people are more relaxed after spending time with a companion

Companionship is a basic human need. It encourages mental stimulation and increases a person’s sense of purpose.

How can a robot become a companion?

Exploring concepts that would allow a robot to feel more like a companion rather than an assistant, lead me to the incorporation of plants.

The value of plants


34 percent less likely to develop health issues when working in a room with a plant


85% of your time is spent indoors so it is important that the air is being filtered


40 percent of houseplant die during the first year of growth

Not only do plants add health benefits, but they also give the robot living qualities. You can now see the robot grow and can tell when it is thirsty.

How it works

Untitled 9.png

finding the right materials

exploded 5.jpg

Material: Mastalmond

Process: Injection Molded

This part of the robot is meant to be buried with the plant as it becomes too big so it is important that the material be compostable.


Material: PSMS+ Color

Process: Roto-molded

This is the largest continuous piece of the robot and is important that it is durable, beautiful and keeps with the theme of sustainable materials.


Material: Arc Bio

Process: Injection Molded

Injection molding will allow pre-molded connection points for the tech to mount to.


Material: Terrateck Flex

Process: Rubber Casting

Due to the low complexity of this part rubber casting is the ideal method to mold this recycled material.

Final details

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