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Seguro Airsafe

Rechargeable Face shield.

AIRSAFE was a product that was created during the height of the Pandemic with the purpose of offering safety and comfort at a time when it was hard to find.

CLIENT: Seguro

TEAM: Acorn Product Development

getting back to normal

A fan would push air through a 3-stage filtration system capable of eliminating COVID 19 and other pathogens. Airsafe also offered the ability for users to express themselves fully without hiding half of their face, recapturing a sense of connection that had been lost.

Working on

Form Follows Function

Sketching over CAD allows us to accurately create aesthetic solutions that will comfortably house the ever-so-important internal components. 

Managing weight 

The ergonomic success depended greatly on weight dispersant throughout the face shield. A number of models were made that accurately represented the weight of internal components and their placement. 

User Testing


We were able to directly test a diverse user group and compare their head size to their answers. This feedback allowed us to validate our assumptions and identify other opportunities that ultimately lead to a satisfying user experience.

getting the word out

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