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The Coefficient RR handlebar is purpose-built for riders that race frequently on pavement and/or gravel. With a deeper drop and increased rigidity, the RR promotes a more aggressive, aerodynamic riding position. 


Along with clear aerodynamic advantages, this lightweight bar pays close attention to ergonomics, allowing cyclists to ride comfortably over long periods.

Improving the Experience



While the RR bar excelled at providing an advantageous riding experience its complex surface changes created a painstaking install process.



In addition to updating existing bars to incorporate the routing solutions, there was also a need to introduce a 36cm bar.



Understanding the internal routing would affect the exterior shape it was crucial to maintain the ergonomics their clients had come to enjoy.

Creating Consistancy


Examining the carbon fiber layup process on past handlebars allowed me to better understand the tortuous path the two cables would have to follow. From there, I was able to make key adjustments in CAD as well as work with the vendor to gain crucial clearances without sacrificing strength. 

Meeting uci guidelines 

Throughout the entirety of the design process, there was a conscious effort to satisfy all of the guidelines stated by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). Through careful documentation, this version of the RR bar was able to achieve approval allowing it to be used in a variety of different competitions. 

The Next version of rr

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