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encouraging the recycling of materials

Collaborated with Precious Plastics to answer the question; how might we get the younger generation involved in the recycling process?

This fast paced project transformed a sketch into a toy in just one week! RE-MADE is a modular toy created with 100% recycled PP plastic collected from local homes and businesses. 

the need for recycling


On a global scale, only 14 percent of plastic packaging is currently recycled.


The average American produces 1,606 pounds of waste per year.


in less than a month, 40 percent of plastic products become garbage.

creating a toy

Untitled 79.png

Being restricted to simple forms due to mold cost, I generated a number of possible concepts of a modular toy.

from bottles to toys

Lets Play!

Untitled (5)_edited.jpg

Each piece can connect to each other in one of two ways; either with a hinge joint or a side notch. This allows users to build in any direction to create an unlimited number of unique creations.

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