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We all have THAT ONE CHAIR that ends up being the catch-all for our unworn clothes. This funny habit is one of convenience but unfortunately ends up looking messy and cluttered. This design is meant to take this funny habit and transform it into something beautiful and functional.

THAT ONE CHAIR also takes a look at where your clothes go after you are done throwing them on the chair and choose to throw them away. By reusing discarded clothes in its upholstery, this chair encourages the recycling and reuse of materials.

Connecting to a bigger issue


More than 15 million tons of used textile waste is generated each year in the United States.


The average American throws away  80 pounds of used clothing a year per person.


Only 15 percent of consumer-used clothing is recycled.

Although there is a wide variety of recycling options for used clothing many people are unaware and end up throwing away unwanted clothes despite them still having beauty and life. I wanted this chair to use repurposed clothing to remind people that once they are done throwing their clothes on the chair, not to just throw them away.

getting inspired

Through there creative use of materials, simplicity, and subtle details; each image above had a hand in guiding my final design.

creating solutions

I began sketching a variety of forms each exploring how clothes might be captured, draped, or hung on them. 

testing forms

Creating over 60 small mock-ups allowed me to quickly ideate a variety of ideas. These small models also allowed me to make sure the design worked from all angles as well as get an idea of how structurally stable each design might be.

refining the form

all the chairs.jpg

In SolidWorks, I was able to refine subtle details and test different options side by side.

Finding the right material

The small details