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Taking light with you

DYson Light

Dyson’s technology is dedicated to solving problems often ignored by competitors. Dyson's current light solves the problem of heat. Therefore, for my design, I decided to solve the problem of range.

The final design featured a removable light that functions independently from the base allowing you to take light with you as you move from room to room.

form ideation

Untitled 10.png

mock ups


How it works

Untitled 54.png
Untitled 50.png
Untitled 52.png

By twisting the ring at the base the main light can be both turned on and dimmed. When it is time to take the light with you just pull off the portable shade. You can turn on and dim the shade separately with a simple tap.




A flexible OLED light panel surrounding the entire length of the shade gives it a bulb-less effect. Magnetic charging allows the two lights to connect to each other effortlessly while working together in unison.

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