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A mountain between us


On a team with two fellow designers, Tonatiuh Esquivel and Ricardo Lucero, we collaborated to create a meaningful public bench installation. 



The way mountains cut through the clouds was the basis for our design. Their aesthetic beauty also inspired the idea of isolation. Having a large mountain divide the seating plane would allow strangers to sit together while giving each of them a sense of privacy.

Idea Progression

Untitled 114.png


clay bench edit.jpg
sitting edit.jpg

Using clay, we were able to rapidly ideate scale mock-ups that better showcased what the final form might look like. After selecting a final direction, we created a full-scale mock-up to ensure the seating would be comfortable for the public.

Final Design

Keeping true to the inspiration, PEAK incorporated two concrete mountains that cut through the pale wooden fog. The mountain is big enough to allow for privacy while still offering the option of inclusion if desired.

physical model

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